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Taking the Civ out Civ 5  
07:35pm 07/03/2011
The Wise Man
So being without an MMO to waste time on, I have the next best thing: civ 5. However, I've noticed something that either was added post-launch in a patch or wasn't full implimented when I started playing back in September: Denouncing. This thing annoys the shit out of me. Essentially if you competing with an AI faction for a city-state, that faction will denounce you possibly nonstop making your reputation mud with the other factions. As you can guess, this has a sort of domino effect that is compounded when you go on the offensive and go all warmonger on their asses. Then the rest of the AI civs will join in on the fun if even they like(d) you. Maybe in a sense that's fair -- being a warmonger didn't help Hitler either and that was before he murdered millions of Jews. But it's kind of annoying. Or maybe I need to figure out a way to force the AI to declare on me much like how I could get piss off the AI in SMAC with ease just by using a few choice social options and the wrong answer to the right question (No, you cannot have my tech you piece of shit).

It kind of sucks because SMAC is getting harder to run on PCs with every PC I get and Civ 5 has otherwise been a decent runner-up.
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Revenge of the buyfag  
09:07am 02/03/2011
The Wise Man
So... I've gone a long while without buying any anime DVDs. And why should I between netflix, streams, and (more recently) torrents/usenet? Last thing I bought was the Zeta Gundam boxset -- the big one with all the stuff in it and that was like... 5 or 6 years ago. It started innocently. Big discounts on Amazon on Eva 2.22 and FLCL. I figured why the hell not. I enjoyed 2.22 a lot and I've always wanted the "real" FLCL on DVD. Throw in Summer Wars for cheap and I got three DVDs for $40. Then I stumbled on a 35% sale on Funimation box sets and damn you Animenation for free shipping on orders over $75! Picked up the boxsets for Baccano, Beck, Welcome to the NHK, and Pani Poni Dash for $85ish bucks. Not a bad deal IMO.

Damn you internet for making me spend money!

PS. Summer Wars was actually pretty good and the dub was pretty solid.
tags: anime
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Getting over the MMO mindset  
08:26am 02/03/2011
The Wise Man
Been awhile since I posted here... Ironically, the last post I did was about WoW..... which I quit (again) about 2 weeks ago. I don't think I'm going back -- the game is too old and I don't really have the time to dedicate to raiding -- but now that I have "free time" on my hands, I don't quite know what to do with it. I've even started watching anime again and even *gasp* bought some DVDs recently. The horror, I know. Damn you Amazon and Animenation for tempting me with sweet deals....

The strange thing I single player games, for some reason, just don't appeal that much to me and I can't explain exactly why. It's not like I don't have options. I have copies of Dragon Age, Oblivion ($25 off steam w/ expansions), and I haven't really warn out Civ5 either. Yet I can't bring myself to finish or make significant progress in single player RPGs.

WTF is wrong with me?
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The new oldworld  
05:57am 27/11/2010
The Wise Man
So my new mage is now 43. Suffice to say after about a week of leveling off and on post-shattering, the experience has been pretty enjoyable and in hindsight a long, long time coming. The new quest lines are a huge improvement. My favorites so far being the quests with Zin'kiki the noob drood and the entire Fiona questline in the plaguelands. The Zin'kiki quests involve babysitting a noob troll druid who frequently does more harm to himself than helps. His transformations are all comedy gold (/goes moonkin and starts moonfire spamming himself "IT BURNS LIKE DA MOON"). Fiona has the wagon in EPL and her caravan is just.... you have to see it. If there aren't 90001 "Paladin Pal" guilds made within the next 30 days, there's something wrong with this world.

There's also some minor but major changes too. Moving all the dungeon related quests to the front of the actual dungeon is a pure godsend in the age of the LFD system. Ever leveled a miner? You'll be happy to know that Tin is now no longer extremely rare. I found a ton of it in Hillsbrad. It varies from zone to zone though -- I still found mithril in Arathi, but none of it since. I can only hope Thorium is equally common....

Is it bad that I find the worgen female VA arousing? DAT ACCENT. <3
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A certain magical Index  
05:21am 27/11/2010
The Wise Man
Or shortened to just Index. I've been watching this series lately as it's one of /a/'s darlings and... it's actually half-way decent. The story is nothing original (like there's such a thing in anime), but the characters are likable.

Worth watching.
tags: anime
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PSA: if you order chinese and you're not 100% what it is....  
12:31am 18/11/2010
The Wise Man
Google it before you order. Ordered Chow Mein thinking for some reason it'd be something like Lo Mein and was immediately disappointed.

I think I'll stick to the stuff that's drowned in soy sauce.
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The internet > Square Enix  
02:47am 02/11/2010
The Wise Man
Yes, yes, another FB game post but one that I think people will find as amusing as me. >:D

So remember that Knights of the Crystal game that SE recently put out? Seems the internet (or more likely some bored filipino kid) found out a way to stock their army with people from the internet without going through that whole friending BS. Not only does it work, but there's a nice big list of 100+ people's invite links on FB discussion page for the game. Why is this a big deal? In FB click games, the more people in your army or whatever they call it (compansion, mafia, whatever), the stronger you are in pvp. So a dood with 500 companions can beat the snot out of someone with, say, 3. More like curbstomp them through the middle of the earth, but I digress.

I am going to enjoy my inflated army of people I don't know.
tags: games
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The social game "golden age" is officially over  
02:18am 30/10/2010
The Wise Man
We can argue about whether or not there was a golden age for in the first place. Most people either love or hate the damn things considering the amount of spam generated by farmville, mafia wars, and their hojillian clones. For those people I have good news -- those days are going to eventually come to end soon (or later). Being the success that they are -- in spite of Facebook trying to deliberately sabotage them at every possible opportunity -- it was inevitable that the bigger game makers like EA and activision would start eyeing part of the social game pie. It start with acquisitions and more recently through games directly from the companies themselves like FIFA (EA), that ESPN University game, the Agency (SOE), and most recently as of this week Knights of the Crystals from Square Enix.

While the game isn't omgawesomesaucebbq, its production values are way ahead of anything Zynga has. It has music and sounds and animations and doesn't run at 2fps on my laptop at work! Will it suddenly make social game haters play it? Probably not, but it coooould. It might give haters a reason to at least try it out. It does have that whole SE name stamped on it and I'm eternally amused that SE *didn't* put the Final Fantasy stamp on the title despite the obvious references (hello? crystals? The class art?).

PS: if you are a newb at FB games and want to give this game at least a shot, put everything in Action Points (AP). This is pretty much what all other FB games call energy and let you do quests. Keep putting your points in AP until at least 96 AP -- that gives you 8 hours of away time where your AP will accumulate naturally. Eventually you'll want 288 (24 hours). Also: invite me to your 'guild'. :D
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Same shit, different textures  
09:29am 23/10/2010
The Wise Man
So Blizzcon is raging on and I'm kinda raging too (no D3 date makes me sad face).... and Cata comes out in December. But as someone that has played (arguably) the biggest game there is, allow me to explain why I don't care about Cataclysm: The game hasn't radically changed in six years since it launched. The game has changed a lot in subtle ways as the expansions have come out -- the questing experience has improved, doing dungeons easier to run without spending forever in LFG, and raiding became a feasible thing that could be done by someone with a full-time job -- but the core of it really hasn't changed a whole lot. The roles are all generally the same as vanilla although it's nice that they managed to unfugger most of the classes. People like to gloat about how great vanilla was. They are either teabaggers who refuse to believe in reality or they simply full of shit. Vanilla basically required 20 people to be at the top of their game and the other 20 to be able to push buttons without falling asleep. I didn't get that far because the raid guild I was in could barely clear three bosses in MC before the main tank ragequit and the guild was disbanded. I missed out on most of TBC because I didn't realize after struggling to raid in multiple MMOs (OK, WoW and FF11) that I should find myself a morning raid guild. LK was going to be where I finally raided to the top and I almost did that. The guild I was with during the end of TBC slowly died out between the raid leader going back to work and the raid group being destroyed by puggers. I did join a new guild and they were good guys, but I ran into a new problem: raid burnout. I discovered that doing the same instances in both 10 and 25 man got really old really fast. In the end, I just couldn't muster the resolve to care. And I think that sums up where Cataclysm is going. Little things will be fidgeted with that really don't matter in the big picture and I'll be fighting for bits of binary code that will get replace 3-6 months later.... to replaced by slightly better bits of binary code. OMG EPIX! Not so. When Cata goes live, players that fought tooth and nail for LK lewts will be replacing their epix with quest greens and dungeon blues. They'll race to 85 and there'll be the usual rat-race for world kills and firsts. And then months later, we'll do the same silly crap. Just like we did before.

Like I said: same shit, different textures.

PS: fuck WoW. Give me Diablo III!
tags: wow
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A moment of retrospection  
01:10pm 16/10/2010
The Wise Man
So. A couple days ago I got a friend suggestion from Amanda for a Martin Sachs on Facebook. Since then, I've been sitting on my hands whether or not I should follow-through on the suggestion and friend who I'm almost sure is probably M. Why hold out on sending a friend request? Mostly because I think I was a retarded terrible developer who should never have had anything that resembled authority in any way for the ffrpg. It also doesn't help that I read this cross-posted link from Tyler that goes into how horrible mismanagement that went into the development and manhandling that went on after Warhammer (the MMO) went live, which made me think of my days as a ffrpg dev.

Was I as terrible as I remember or am I being overly pessimistic in my general lack of self-esteem? Especially the 'second coming' period after I quit WoW the first time and the gypsy period where I went through multiple games with Returners like RO and CoH before Burning Crusade came out. I was probably the well-meaning idiot that spoke in tounges whose vision matched that of the rest of the dev staff about as well as a bad Lady Gaga outfit. Think Jared, but slightly more coherent and not as bat-shit crazy. I still think, to this day, that Carl hates me. :D

Come think of it, did M ever include that forward I wrote in the final version? It was pretty awful. I don't remember much of it, I do vaguely remember referring to the game or the devs with a possessive. I still feel embarrassed.
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